Success Stories


Eighteen Bowen and Proserpine jobseekers completed a paid work project (funded via SQW QLD Gov.) repairing and revegetating grounds of local schools. Participants worked part-time in two teams for 26 weeks to recreate gardens and green spaces that were severely damaged by Cyclone Anthony. The participants completed accredited training that included the construction industry white card and a Certificate I in Employability.

IDEAL Placements organised the “IDEAL Way” project to provide participants with an opportunity to gain on-the-job experience and learn new skills. Through this work, participants built up workplace skills including team work, communication, personal discipline, learning how to re-establish gardens and other landscaping tasks. 11 participants have progressed to further employment and another one has moved on to further education. Of the 11, 2 have commenced their own business using skills gained.  The remaining participants are motivated to gain employment using after participating in the program with support from IDEAL Placements.

A participant at Mackay IDEAL Placements was only registered for a period of one week prior to gaining employment.  He came in with great experience in carpentry and traffic control.  I assisted the participant by updating his resume and then proceeded to reverse market him to potential Employers.  This resulted in a instant call back for a position with a large building firm in Mackay. The participant was offered Employment as a Traffic Controller/Carpenter.

He commenced employment at the end of April and after staying in contact with both the client and his partner, I have found out the true meaning of what this position has done for the client and his family.  The client had an accident at one of his past employers which injured his foot. He had attempted to go back to work last year, yet was unsuccessful in gaining employment. He found it was due to his age, yet I found this as a benefit not a hindrance.  After placing him into employment (after only one week with IDEAL) I contacted him and spoke to his partner who advised me prior to gaining this job that they were in the final stages of losing their car and other financial gains due to low income.  They stated it had been a day for tears of joy, “Nathan you don’t know how much this means to us both and our future.”

Lauren has started working at BB Print where she is in a very comfortable environment doing tagging and stringing –her self-confidence has blossomed and she is interacting more socially with the other staff .There is not any pressure or stress put on Lauren to complete her tasks and she keeps saying to her mum how happy she is there and is becoming more independent.

This will be long term employment for Lauren where she can also have opportunities to expand her skills ,do more hours and become financially independent as well.


IDEAL Placements will provide quality employment services that improve the lives of people with a disability

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