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ABOUT IDEAL Placements

IDEAL Placements is a Not for Profit Community organisation that has been helping people achieve their employment goals for over 20 years.

Established in 1995 to provide participants with choice of service delivery providers, IDEAL Placements has grown into a diverse and dynamic company that provides a wide range of services to people living in the Mackay, Whitsundays and surrounding areas.

Focusing on meeting individual needs while still providing choice and control when considering employment options; IDEAL Placements now delivers multiple programs across five office sites as well as flexible delivery options in outreach services to the more remote areas.

IDEAL Placements recognises that everyone has a right to be employed and works quickly to meet local employer needs in the changing market.  We realise no matter how hard we work, we will not be effective if participants don’t choose us to provide the services they need. IDEAL prides itself in meeting participant and employer needs.  The last twelve months has again demonstrated that we can deliver what the region wants with the additional Transition to Work and multiple Skilling Queenslanders for Work programs added to our already successful employment support programs.


IDEAL Placements will provide quality services that improve the lives and increase quality of life and participation in an inclusive society.

Externally – To be the preferred service provider
Internally – To maintain accuracy and efficiency in the provision of service delivery

We aim to encourage independence in our participants and to give them self-confidence and accept responsibility for their decisions.

We understand that independence requires a holistic approach and so we view each person individually. Independence requires integration of physical, emotional, social and environmental aspects of life.

We value knowledge and appreciate its role in assisting people to participate in decisions they make.

Disability Services Standards

IDEAL Placements Assoc. Inc. provides employment training, support and placement to people with disabilities, injury, illness and health conditions.

We continually aim to achieve customer satisfaction by consistently meeting the needs and expectations of those accessing our service.

In order to achieve this, the individual needs and expectations of all participants accessing our service must be met and identified by the development, and facilitated through, an individually tailored program. We call this the Job Plan.

We believe our quality system and those working within the system are the major contributing factors for the success of our organisation. Our system is based on The Department of Social Services Program and Guidelines and the National Disability Services Standards and is funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS). Our system ensures effective controls are applied to our program processes. IDEAL Placements Assoc. Inc. is committed to the continual maintenance of our management system. This is achieved through the provision of adequate resources to support the system and encouraging all employees, participants and other stakeholders to contribute freely to the system.

Disability Services Standards

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General All new employees will receive training relating to IDEAL Placements Privacy and Confidentiality procedures during their induction program. All employees are required to sign a “Short Confidential Disclosure Deed” upon commencement of employment.

Obtaining Participant Information Participant Information will only be obtained from the Participant or those organisations / individuals as agreed by the Participant. All information maintained in a Participant’s file or on the database will be relevant to IDEAL Placements service provision. Participants will be advised of the types of information during their registration interview.

Releasing Participant Information, A signed “Information Release” form is maintained in each Participant’s respective file. In the event of the Participant not being able to sign an Information Release form, a signature will be obtained from a significant other (guardian, carer and advocate). Information shall only be released to persons or organisations stated on the Information Release form, unless further written consent is obtained from the Participant or in other circumstances such as:

  • The disclosure is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to the life, health or safety of the individual, or of another person (ordinarily an imminent threat would be a threat of bodily injury, mental health, illness or death).
  • The disclosure is required or authorised by or under law.
  • The disclosure is reasonably necessary for the enforcement of the law.

In the event of information being required as a matter of urgency and appropriate approval not being available, the reasons for information exchange and benefit of exchange for Participant will be recorded in Bridge Participant contact history.
Access to and Correction of Participant Information Participants will be advised of persons who have access to their file during their Initial Interview. No persons other than:

  • The Participants themselves
  • Personnel of IDEAL Placements who have signed a “Short Confidential Disclosure Deed”
  • Persons as required for Quality Assurance purposes
  • Persons / organisations as stated in signed Information Release form will have access to the Participant information

Unless written permission is obtained from the Participant. Participants wishing to access information retained of them may make a request to do so either verbally or in writing. Access to information will be granted within 14 days of request and upon the identity of the individual being verified. Information regarding other persons or that may pose imminent threat to the individual or other persons will be removed prior to access.

A private space will be provided for the Participant to view the information and a representative of IDEAL Placements will be present during the viewing so as to address any concerns the Participant may have. In the event of a Participant identifying inaccurate, Incomplete or out-of-date information the information will be revised accordingly. Should the Participant and IDEAL Placements not be able to agree about whether the information is accurate, complete or up-to-date, a written statement of the Participant’s claim(s) will be recorded and a written explanation as to why IDEAL Placements is disputing the Participant’s claim(s) will be provided.

Security and Storage of Participant Information All Participant files are maintained in a secure and lockable location. No Participant file is to leave the office unless being transferred to another site in which case it is to be transported in the supplied locked storage devices supplied by IDEAL Placements. At close of business each day all files are returned to their appropriate location. At close of business each day staff will ensure no identifiable information is left in public view. Information contained on Bridge Database will have restricted access through passwords.

Retention and Destruction of Information As per current funding agreements, Participants’ files and data will be retained for a period of not less than five years after deregistration. Upon deregistration files are scanned to Z Drive Client Deregistered file & recorded to be shredded by a contacted security company.

In January of each year all files of Participants deregistered as per funding body guide lines will be destroyed, unless there are legal matters pending. Files shall be shredded either in-house or by a contracted document security company.

Interviews and Meetings Employees aware of forthcoming meetings or interviews shall book a meeting room to ensure privacy for the Participant. Bookings are recorded on ESS electronic diary. Time required and name of employee using room to be recorded. In the event of the occurrence of an unscheduled meeting / interview the employee will endeavour to locate a suitable private space to conduct meeting.

• COMMONWEALTH DISABILITY SERVICE STANDARDS – Standard 4 – Privacy, Dignity and Confidentiality
• The Privacy Act 1988 (Cwth)
• The National Privacy Principals

Corporate Partners

IDEAL Placements is proudly supported by:

If you have a mental illness and need support we can help you with rehabilitation and managing your recovery. You are not alone. One in five people will experience mental illness at some point in their lives and that means many more people will be affected by it. If you are the carer of a loved one with mental illness we can help you with support services, referral and respite. Please click on the link below to go to our website for more information.

Mental Illness Fellowship NQ

At headspace Mackay we work closely with young people aged 12 to 25  to get them the services they need to get their lives back on track. Services include mental health, physical health, drug and alcohol and vocational support. Call us on (07) 4898 2200 for more details.

headspace Mackay

We are utilised as a resource centre for the whole community, and service provision is not limited to Indigenous people. By opening our services to everyone, we witness reconciliation, awareness and a sense of community that acknowledges we are all Australian, in a way that also respects our country’s Indigenous culture and traditions.We promote respect for all people and acknowledge that we have a responsibility for positively representing and supporting our local Indigenous community.Girudala strives to deliver services of a high standard by Directors and staff continually gaining accreditation and qualifications and good governance practices to make our organisation more efficient and effective. At Girudala we strive to provide a professional, safe, friendly, confidential and culturally appropriate service, in line with community needs.


Project 31 – Not For Profit – Currently Under Development

  • Mackay Drop In Centre will supply a range of services to Mackay community members identifying as homeless:
  • Direct service provision and support to identify suitable referral pathways to homeless community members within Mackay;
  • Facilities to improve personal hygiene: showers, toilets, laundry, hair grooming, clothing and first aid;
  • Training: introduction to life skills previously, self-esteem improvements;
  • Meals where required: breakfast, lunch and take away evening meal;
  • Future planning – individuals to plan their future paths;
  • Medical – connection to general practitioners and allied health professionals; and
  • Housing – develop individualised plans for the different steps in the housing continuum

Drop In Centre

PCYC Queensland is a not-for-profit, member based youth development organisation with 53 clubs right across Queensland. Apart from our outstanding crime prevention and youth development programs and Indigenous programs.  We also offer diverse sport and recreation opportunities to young people and the wider community, as well as school age care services and gym and fitness facilities.